Monday, April 29, 2013

Seven Minutes

This morning I woke up in time, but just as I was leaving I poked my head in the kitchen and it was a disaster.  When I went up to bed the night before, it was in good shape, but having hungry teenagers who like to stay up a little and watch a movie often results in them making a "snack" and leaving the kitchen in total disarray.

So I woke up the culprit and had him come up and help me clean it.  I was in a hurry, and I also wanted a thorough job so we both rushed and cleaned in complete efficiency and teamwork.  We were able to get it in a almost spotless state in less than 7 minutes.  I realized that had I not done this that my wonderful wife would have come home to it from her run, and been overwhelmed with it.  She probably would have asked the teenagers kindly to clean it in which they would complain and whine, and not actually do it leaving her to do it, frustrated and angry.

Seven minutes of teamwork, and it turned out quite well. Well worth the sacrifice getting into the pool 15 minutes late.

Instead of trying to catch up to James and Pete in their workout that Andy came up with, I picked up right where they were at in the workout:

100 free
1800 - 3 x (200 pull super strong on 2:15, 200 buoy only (no paddles) on 2:30, 200 free no equipment on 3:00)
400 - 4 x 100's (25 dolphin kick, 25 free fast, 25 back flutter kick, 25 free)

Then resumed from where I started working backwards:

300 - 3 x 100's free on 1:30
500 pull
200 kick
300 swim

3,600 yards total in 1:00

I'm planing a decent size swim in the GSL this afternoon.  I've got kids in soccer, and tennis and Cathi wants me to be more supportive and less selfish.  10-4 Sweet woman!  I'll be honest, I won't cry when this week is over as it is the end of the season for soccer and tennis.  Then I'll be able to get at least two evenings to do open water.

Met Stacey at GSL Marina at 5:15 and we left Silversands beach towards to outermost red buoy and the swam out to Blackrock and then back to the marina.  The water temp was 65°F.  I was fine, a little chilled though.  Good swim and the water was flat and smooth.

Total: 3.07 miles in 1:30

Daily total: 5.12 miles
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