Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Meeting Bert

Bert visiting from Florida wasn't even
affected by the temperature, or the salt.
Definitely "Stud of the day" award
This afternoon when I got to the Marina, I got all ready to go, when the car next to me there was a guy wearing some board shorts who said, "Are you getting in?"  I said "Yeah, there's a group of us that usually go on Tuesdays or Thursdays."  He said he was visiting from Florida and just had to try swimming in the Great Salt Lake.  I totally admired his adventurous spirit!  I took pictures for him with his camera as he got in and swam around a bit.  I gave him a Got Salt magnet, and talked with him about the lake.

He said he swam in the Atlantic ocean just yesterday, flew in today and is going skiing in Park City tomorrow with his friend.  Dang!  How awesome is that.

What a beautiful afternoon for a swim!  The water
was as flat as glass.  The forecast for Thursday looks to be
even better than today!
I was stalling my own swim, because I was hoping someone else was planning to come.  But at 4:45 pm I was still alone.  Good thing I broke out my Swimmer Buddy and packed it in my car last night.  With that thing I feel OK to go by myself.  Those sailboats can see me quite a ways off with that thing.

I left my cap in my bag in my car, and was about to walk back up the ramp to get it, but took a quick temp with my feet and figured the water was probably warm enough to go without a cap.

I swam outside the Marina and out to the red buoy that is 1/2 mile north east of the lookout point.  Total round trip swim was 47 minutes.  I'm going to log it as 1.5 miles.  Next time I'll pack along my GPS to get an accurate distance instead of estimating.

I took a few temp samples throughout the swim, and it ranged between 60 and 61 degrees.  Very nice!  I'm really looking forward to Thursday.  I'm planning to swim a double Gridley Strait.  Cannot wait!  I sure hope someone comes out to join in the fun.  It really is a crime to have this lake to myself!
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