Thursday, April 25, 2013

Another butt kicking workout from Wes

This morning I got to SLCSC at 6:15 and did 1400 yards before the official start of the masters meet.  I saw Wes swimming and had to snap some video.  His stroke is so crisp and clean.  I would love to have some video of him swimming in an endless pool with the video in a loop.  Then put that video as my desktop background on my computer.  That would be sick!
Then Wes had us do:
1000 free negative split
500 - 5 x 100's on 1:15
500 free negative split
1000 - 10 x 100's on 1:20
I ended up pulling on the last 8 of these and was able to get slightly faster on each one.  Felt great!
300 easy warm down.

4,700 yards total in 1:40

It's supposed to be warm today.  Looking forward to a GSL swim this evening.
This evening I met Chad, Josh and Jim at the marina and setup the new Swimmer flag.  I need to make a few modifications to make it final, but for the most part the concept appears functional and I think it'll make our presence more known on the water.

The water felt good getting in, but upon arriving at the marina entrance the water temp dropped like 3-4 degrees.  I was determined to do a round trip of Gridley Strait.  Felt fine going out.  There were some waves pushing me at my 5 oclock.  Coming back I felt a little chilled.  Not terribly so, but enough to make me wish it was over.

When I got back I saw Goody and Jim waiting for me at the dock.  Man Goody looked good.  He has lost some weight and even was sporting a goatee.  He looks like a million bucks.  It was nice to see him in that state.  He's got a couple more weeks of Dr ordered dryness, and he's antsy to get back in.

Total distance: 2:05 according to GPS in 1:02

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