Friday, April 12, 2013

Accepting a duel

This morning's swim was extra special.  I had more energy than I typically do.  Don't know why.  I should have been wasted.  Got to bed too late last night finishing up watching "The Life of Pi" which is a fantastic show.

Got it the pool on time and joined James and Paul in:

200 swim
100 kick
200 - 4 x 50's free strong on 1:00
1800 - 3 x { 200 free strong on 2:45, 2 x 75's free/back/free on 1:15, 100 IM on 1:45, 2 x 75's free on 1:15)
600 - 4 x 150's build by 50 on 2:30
600 - 4 x 150's kick (first 2 w/fins, second 2 w/o)

Then did the above workout all over again (minus the last 600 kicking set).
100 easy cool down.

Got out and there was a guy a couple lanes over who reminded me of Rob Dumouchel in appearance.  He head was clean shaven and had a humongous viking beard.  Except he was a lot more tatooed up and had a big loop ear lobe gauge.  I was walking towards my bag and he said, "Hey!  You want to do some sprints with me?"  I wasn't sure if he wasn't sure if he was issuing me a challenge to race, or what.  I mean I was already out of the water and finished swimming 6,500 yards at this point and he wants me to get back in and do some sprinting sets?  I couldn't turn it down no matter his intention.

He asked what I wanted to do, I said, "Your call.  I'm not sure what you're looking for."  So he said, "4 x 50's all out with 1:00 rest between.  Alternating free and breast".  Wow.  Alrighty then.

He had a drag suit on and I was pretty sure he was determined to surprise me.  He was only behind me by 1-2 seconds on each 50.  (28 free, 41 breast)  His name is James and I've seen him at the pool a few times. He swam in high school at West Jordan, and wanted to get back in shape.  I encouraged him to join us in the mornings at Masters.  He said the workouts on the whiteboard seemed pretty intense.  I assured him that he wouldn't be pushed more than he wanted.  That he would be challenged as much as he let himself, and that Andy is a very reasonable coach and not a slave driver.

Hopefully we have another regular swimmer.

6,700 yards in 2:10
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