Saturday, April 13, 2013

Swing and a miss

This morning I drove right on past SDRC thanks to a waterpolo match that was interfering with lap swim time, and drove straight to NWRC.  I got in and did:

10 x 200's - First 5 - 50 drill, 150 swim, second 5 kick with fins/and without.

Then Andy came and gave us a little more:

1200 - 3 x ( 2 x 200's - odd drill/swim even pull on 3:00)
600 - 8 x 75's odd IM rotation, even build on 1:15)
200 EASY

4,000 yards total with an afternoon GSL swim planned....

Paul told me this morning, that he is married to Jennifer Olson.  Wow that brought back some memories.  We swam together in High School and she was  really nice girl.  I remember asking her to the Christmas dance by making her a cake (Pedro stole my idea by the way), and at the bottom of the cake on top of the plate was a birthday card asking her to the dance.  She was turning 16 and I wasn't about to pass up asking her to the dance.  I really liked her a lot, but I got the vibe she didn't feel the same:  Swing and a miss!  :)

Tada!  The incredible shrinking Gords.
That's fine, I struck out many times over the years and some of them were quite humiliating.  It worked out in the long term, cause when the time came that I finally got a perfect pitch and BAM!  I put all my strength into a swing with Cathi, and man did I hit a GRAND SLAM!. The crowd is on its feet!

Oh here's a pic that Cameron took last night after he kicked my butt in the gym.  I must say I LOVE LIFTING!  It's making me much faster in the pool and looking and feeling like a hero.
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