Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Buttering up Nikkole

This morning's workout was another fantastic speed workout.  I love it when Paul comes cause then there are three of us to swim hard against each other.  When it's just me and James I don't like as much cause I feel like when I try my best I fear that I'm being perceived as taking the challenge on a personal level.  But if there are more than the two of us, it's a group trying to hold a fast pace, rather than "mano a mano".

Got there late as usual, and they were halfway into their 50 set, so I just picked up where they did and then cycled back to the beginning at the end to get the full workout:

300 swim
200 - 4 x 50's free on :45
2000 - 5 x (200 free strong, 100 build, 4 x 25s sprint)
Even sets pull, odd no equipment.  Swam a 1:04 pace on the pull, and a 1:07 pace on the no equip.  Felt strong and loved this set!
50 elementary backstroke recovery
600 - 4 x 150's rotating broken IMs
400 kick (200 with fins, 200 without)
100 easy

Then talked with Nikkole who is a relatively new triathlon athlete.  She has swam a couple times with Masters, but in a different lane and Andy has been working a lot with the new swimmers which is great.

Talked with her about the SLOW club and the GSL race.  I think we might be seeing her in May out in the GSL in the morning training swims.  She seemed open minded and willing to train out there.

3,650 yards total in 1:05
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