Friday, April 26, 2013

New Record - Josh Green Virtual Open Water Race

This morning I saw how blue the sky was and decided today was the day!  I got off work at a decent time and went over to Bountiful Lake.  Took video of my entry:

When I got back the ipod was off. I left it in record mode, and when I attempted to turn it on it said the ipod was overheated and needed to cool down.  So I blasted the air conditioner and got it cooled down and then recorded the time on my watch.

17:22.84 is the new record.  Swam strong the whole time.  I was aiming for under 18 minutes and was happy to get this time.  The water felt like it was 63°, but I'm not totally sure as I wasn't wearing the watch that takes temp.  Never felt "cold", but perfect temp for a fast paced open water swim.  It is nice to swim in fresh water for a change.  If I wasn't in a hurry to get home, I would have done another lap at a leisurely pace.

I'd like to sweeten the pot a little. Anyone who beats this record during the 2013 open water season, will not only get the trophy, but I'll throw in $50 cash prize money.  It's not that I'm being cocky in thinking the record will stand, but that I'm VERY interested in seeing more people participate in this thing.  It's really a shame that more people don't go for it.

Total Distance: .70 miles (1230 yards) in 17:22.84

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