Thursday, May 5, 2011

2.5 miles in BL

This afternoon I stopped at BL on this warm beautiful day!  I put the therm in my SSD and started my laps.  After doing 2 laps I started back around, but then just went around the eastern island and then back around.  2.5 miles.

During my swim I treaded water while I opened up my SSD and took out the thermometer.  I wanted to see what the difference was in readings from the surface versus 2 feet under where I could really feel the difference.  On the surface out in the middle of the lake it was 60.9°, but two feet under it was 56.6°.  That was in a relatively warm part of the lake.

The coldest part was the the northwest corner, and the warmest the southeast corner.  It was at least 10 degrees different.  I would get quite chilled in the northwest and extremely comfortable in the southeast.

Every once in a while someone asks me "Bountiful Lake?  Don't you mean Bountiful Pond?"  It seems that the term pond and lake is used interchangeably for the lake.  I prefer "Lake".  It sounds more significant.  A pond sounds like a little thing.  But BL is 1 mile around.  So that is a Lake!    Here's the marker for the lake, for proof that I'm not just building it up to something more than it really is.

2.5 miles total
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