Wednesday, May 25, 2011

GSL Swim with Mary Workman

Met Mary and her husband Brent at the Causeway entrance.  We drove together to the Marina.  She wore a wetsuit and we agreed to swim outside the marina and then discuss from there where to go.  The water felt much warmer than last Friday with Goody and Alicia.

I was impressed with her speed.  For every 5 minutes of swimming she was only behind about 40 seconds or so.    I had packed two gatorades in my SSD and we stopped a few times for drinks, and to allow her to adjust her wetsuit to take pressure of her neckline where she was getting a blister.  I told her that is why I avoid wetsuits.  They're bad enough in fresh water.  In the GSL, they're a killer for making blisters fast.  We turned around almost at the north western most point of the island.  The wind during our swim was coming from the south east so we had some very minor chop coming back.  One time during a breath, I accidentally got some water in my mouth that instantly made its way down into my stomach.  Nasty!  I gagged a couple of times, but it was already down there.  I didn't get sick, just yuk!  I could see lots of brine shrimp all around and I'm wondering if they have any nutritional value.  I probably swallowed a few.

At the entrance to the Marina I told her this is where I like to sprint so we sprinted from there back to the boat ramp.   Probably about a 300 yard swim. When I got out I immediately checked my GPS.  1.75 miles exactly.  Not bad for a day where I already did 5000 yards and consider it a tapering day.  There were only minor high clouds that had no juice.  The sun came out in fullness just as we were finishing the swim.

Had no issues with my shoulders at all this evening.  I have an appointment with the Doc on Friday to get a Cortizone shot in my left shoulder which I will NOT be cancelling.  It's very minor.  It only aches after a long time swimming.  Nothing very painful, but I still want it to be at the same level as my right so I'll ask him to do a minor dose.

1.75 miles + 5000 yards from this morning = 4.5 miles daily total

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