Saturday, May 7, 2011

Black Rock to Saltair and back

Jacob and I start the swim right up next to Black Rock.
I met Goody and we started our swim at Black Rock.  I was AMAZED at how high the water was.  Last year when I swam out there with Josh we had at least 50 yards from Blackrock down on to the beach before reaching the waters edge.  This year,  the water is I would guess about 2 feet higher which equates to quite a way up the beach right up to the edge of the parking lot.

Jacob and I turn around near Saltair beach
Goody brought his wife Patricia and I brought Jacob with them in their own kayak.  After getting in we waded up to our waist and then dived in.  I was a little cool and went right for the Marina.  Once Jacob and I got there I took a sip of Gatorade.  Then I kept fallowing the path along the green buoys and decided to go to Saltair which we figured was about 2 1/2 miles.  We got close to Saltair, but I was hitting the sandy bottom with my hands during my stroke, so I stood up and took another drink of Gatorade.  The GPS that Jacob had read that we had swam just over 2 miles.  The waves were pretty strong and I looked back to see clouds that didn't look so nice, so we turned back around since it was about another 1/2 mile to the waters edge and too shallow to swim.  I definitely don't like the idea of having to be rescued with bad weather on the lake.  Been there before and it's a little embarrassing.  Better to be smart and turn around, than waste another 30 minutes wading through 12 inches of water just to get to the waters edge, only to turn around and walk alongside the boat to get where it's deep again.

Real Swimmers Swim Naked
There were definite cold and warm pockets in the lake.  When we started off, the water was 63.6 degrees.  I took an other reading in the cold spot and it was 62.8 degrees.  I'm thinking that my 20 mile swim in three weeks will be too warm to count for an English Channel qualifier.  So I might have to do that in the fall.  But I'll still plan to do my swim anyway.

My lips and tongue were really starting to swell up.  But my shoulder was feeling just fine.  We got past the marina on the way back.  I was really getting some serious chaffing going on downstairs.  Mental note:  Next time, wear a jammer, not a speedo in GSL.

Marcia Cleveland had a shirt made up a while back for crazies like me.  I bought one a while back, but never have worn it.  Today I actually tried it out and deserve to wear it.  Not a big deal since there aren't other swimmers or boaters in the area.  It kept Jacob amused the rest of the way!  It sure paid off cause without a suit, there was no painful chaffing.

When we got close to the finish I slipped back in to my suit and waded back to the starting point.  The GPS read that it was just over 4 1/4 miles and just over 2 hours.  Actual swim distance was right around 4 miles with 1/4 mile in walking along side the boat towards Saltair before deciding to just turn around and swim back.

Jacob and I climbed the rock.

What an enjoyable swim!  

4 Miles total

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