Wednesday, May 11, 2011

One month until GSL Marathon swim

I wish I was swimming this event, but the next best thing is helping organize it for other swimmers from all over.  I'm hoping for perfect weather!  When I first started the race, I really wanted a celebrity to come out and do it.  So I contacted Rob Dumouchel to see if he would want to do it.  He enthusiastically agreed.

Since I'm the race director and want to be there for all the swimmers, I suggested I paddle for him.  I was very pleasantly surprised when not only did we get Rob, but other super experienced marathon swimmers!  I'm excited to meet them all and see them in action up close and personal!

I must admit I've been a little jealous of Rob's art skills and paint abilities, so I came up with my own "drawring". Hoping that this is a weather forecast of the swim next month:

Anyhow, I slept in this morning as planned because I'm planning a 4 miler north of Antelope Island this evening with Goody.  Goody is also one of the race participants.  Man he is really training well and I expect he'll do just fine.  Hopefully it clears up today and its nice outside in time for our swim.
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