Thursday, May 12, 2011

"You're so dedicated"

I love it when I wake up at 3:50am and force myself out of bed, and hear Cathi say in her cute tired voice, "Oh Gordon, you're so dedicated."  She of all people should know.  She's been known to get up many times at as early as in the 2 o'clock hour to go on a long run with her friends.  It's nice that she appreciates what it takes to get up early (especially when you're consistently getting 6 hours of sleep or less.

I was in the water at 4:50am!

14,000 - 7 x 2000's free :20 ri Odd no equipment nice and long strokes, even pull
100 backstroke

14,100 yards total

My left shoulder was "annoyed".  No sharp pain, just tight and not happy.  So I just got an appointment with Dr. Richards to get a cortizone shot in my left shoulder on Monday.  When I saw him last week and he gave me a shot in my right shoulder, I should have asked him to do the left side too.  The left shoulder is typically the one to be annoyed.  My right shoulder feels fantastic now!  Need to get them both to be happy so I can be perfectly balanced.
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