Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Leaving Hungry

Ever leave a buffet still quite hungry?  That's how I felt today when I left after my short workout.  Don't get me wrong, I love tapering.  But it's hard not to feel guilty only putting in 5000 yards, versus my normal.  I'm really looking forward to next week's big event.  I've been training for months for this thing, and feel ready for it.  The toughest part will be staying in the 60 degree water for the expected 10 hours.

Today's also another milestone.  This morning I hit 500 miles since the start of the year.  Halfway to my year end goal and it's only May.  Well ahead of schedule.

I was in the pool at 5:06am.  Here's today's workout:

2000 free
2000 pull
1000 - 2 x (100 kick, 100 back 100 one arm fly, 100 free, 100 breast)

5000 yards total

It's Oliver's Birthday today.  What a fun little kid!
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