Friday, May 27, 2011

Left shoulder explained and failure to think before speaking

This morning Dr Richards did an ultrasound of my left shoulder. He found a small grouping of some calcified scar tissue. He described the process of this as some inflammation that didn't go away and developed into scar tissue that has eventually had calcium form around it. He said it was small, but could be the source of my "grind" feeling after a long swim. He said that a cortisone shot could make them dissolve but there might be a chance that it might not and if it got more painful over time, they can be removed surgically. That would in ol e a needle going in and sucking them out. So for now hoping that the cortisone dissolves them. It was cool to see the injection fill in the gap on the ultrasoun in realtime as he was injecting it.

So yesterday I put my foot in my mouth! I was in the shower and David Balling came in. I asked him if he was going to the summer games and he said he wasn't. He asked me if I was in his age group. David is fast and holds many Utah state age group records. I was surprised at that question cause he's over 50. I guess my subconscious was a little annoyed at being classified as a 50 year old. So I quickly answered "Heck no!". Then I realized how retarded that sounded so I tried to back pedal a little. "I mean if I was in your age group I'd get killed. I've noticed that the older groups times are sometimes even faster than the middle aged times". Ouch! I just thought to myself "Give it up you already did the damage just shut up! So I did. That probably makes my top ten list of embarrassing/stupid moments of my life.

Today's swim was 550 yards then got out and shaved my arms. Big swim on Tuesday.
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