Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Swimming with drag suit

When I get on the pool deck, I don't just walk around in my speedo.  I wouldn't want other swimmers or normal folk have to endure the unsightly memory.  So I usually just wear some long running shorts over the top until I get in the water and then take them off.  But today I decided to swim with them for the first 1000.  Boy it felt like I was dragging a parachute full of water behind me.  

1000 free with drag suit
1000 free normal
100 breast easy

150 - Helped get lane lines in and then
400 - 6 x 75's on 1:20 (breath 3,5,7 by 25)
1400 - 2 x (100 free, 200 IM, 400 free ) :30 ri 
750 - 15 x 50's pull on :40 
These were fun!  I went after Tim.  I ended up only getting like 2 seconds rest between these sets,  It was MOVE MOVE MOVE!  Loved it!
100 - 2 x 25's sprint off block, 25 easy back

Moved over to the north end of the pool since our time was up and did:

1000 free
900 - 3 x (100 kick, 100 IM on 1:45, 100 free on 1:40)

 6800 yards total

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