Thursday, January 27, 2011

Lifeguarding Mr. Rogers

Today was my last day working at SDRC as a lifeguard and there is one guy there who is no kidding a clone of Mr. Rogers.  He wears a solid blue jammer and does laps at a leisurely rate.  If he came in there with a sweater and sat down to take off his shoes, I'd love it!

I noticed the other day that my PR for doing a 4 mile swim is 1:42:59?  I can certainly beat that!  So I kept track today of my time which was:

6000 - 3 x 2000's free stop only to tread for :15 and get a drink from the water bottle, then continue:
1200 free strong

7200 yards total in 1:39:40

So there you go!  A new PR for 4 miles.  If I tried swimming 7050 straight I'm sure I'd break the record again.
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