Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Lifeguarding Too much strain

I realized today that lifeguarding at SDRC is putting too much of a strain on

  1. My training (I'm only getting about 70% of the yardage I really want
  2. My career.  Because I've been trying to get as much yardage as I possibly can in the measly 2 hours I have after my shift, I'm often right on time for work or a little late.  I'd rather get in earlier to work.
  3. Scouts - I have a campout once a month with the boys and oftentimes the inservice training is the same weekend as scout camp and I definitely can't miss scout camp, so then I have to go to remediation.
I'll still plan to get up early to get there when it opens so I can get my full yards in AND still have plenty of time to get to work early so I'd rather just pay the yearly membership fee and not have to worry about being tied to the job.  It's nice being trained though.  It'll be nice to have should something happen while I'm at the pool, or at a scout camp to be prepared properly in the event of an emergency.

I thought about this decision the entire time during this morning's swim and felt great about the decision:

7200 - 2 x 3600 yards :15 ri just long enough to get some water and GO!

7200 yards total
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