Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Being nice and missing Masters

So a while back I was nice and picked up a shift for Wednesday 5-7am.  Which means I miss the masters workout.  But at least I was able to get in at 7:15am and get in 4 miles:

1000 free on 15:00
2000 pull on 30:00 (bank as much as possible cause you're a slow kicker.....)
1000 kick with fins (perfect bank amount as I was able to start the next 1000 on 45:00)
1000 free on 15:00
2000 - 1900 pull, 100 with fulcrum paddles (see review)
200 - 100 back, 100 IM

7200 yards total

I love it when other fast swimmers are in the next lanes.  It makes me pick up the pace a little and really focus on strong long strokes instead of just a high stroke rate.
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