Thursday, October 31, 2013

Swimming angry

Workout first:
300 free
300 - 3 x 100's descend 1-3 on 1:25
300 - 6 x 50's on :45

5000 - 5 x 1000's odd pull, even no equipment

Total: 5,900 in 1:40

Today I had a 10K planned, but could only get through half of it.  It's been a very emotional 24 hours.  Yesterday my wife called and said an Animal Control Officer was at our house responding to a dog attack that our two dogs were involved in.

Apparently one of the kids unlatched the dog door in the side of the garage.  Girlfriend had gone through that door and through the open garage, to go after a little poodle that was being walked by a lady in front of our house.  Nobody at our house was around at the time and from what Cathi was told by the little dog owner, Max and Girlfriend our two large St. Bernards ran as fast as they could up to her dog and started to tear it to pieces.

Max and Girlfriend camping with us a couple years ago.
They're sure cute and wonderful dogs with hearts of gold
towards people.  But if you have a small dog, they consider
it food.  Really makes me sad.  I love them both, but what
can you do when they just go ballistic and you're responsible
for their actions?  
So the little dog underwent surgery yesterday and as of this morning, the little dog just died.  When I first heard about this incident on the phone yesterday I came unglued.  If I had a gun I would have shot those two dogs last night.  Instead we are trying to find someone who is willing to take them, on the condition that they work on their socialization skills.  We just have way too much on our hands to give them the proper training.  It's either they get trained on how to behave around other dogs, or they get put down.

So this morning I started out the morning really sad, but as I progressed through the swim that turned to anger.  These dogs have cost us over $2000 the past year considering the Spay and Neuter operations we put them through, then with complications from that surgery and now we owe this poor old woman nearly $900 to pay for her little dogs surgery.  With MIMS payment coming up in the next couple days, I don't know how I'm going to pay for this!  Money is really tight right now and it's extremely frustrating to get constantly hit with these $1000 jabs here and there.

I wasn't enjoying my swim or giving the proper attention to it.  My speed and energy level were good, just mentally I was extremely aggravated and not having fun.  Don't get me wrong, swimming for me is a stress relief but I had way too much.  I needed a boxing glove on my hand, not a paddle.  Then I remembered how I am behind in hours at work, and given I need to get home at a good time for the kids to go trick or treating tonight, I called off the remaining portion so I could leave work early and not still be behind in hours.

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