Friday, December 20, 2013

Jack Frost nipping at your....

Last night I met Cody and Kris at Saltair and carpooled in to the marina.  We met up with the WFPBC for the Christmas card pictures.  We had quite a group!  Alan, Christine, Cody and Stacey were the special visitors of the day!  Jim, Goody, Josh and myself were also there as usual.

The water temperature on my thermometer came to 22.1°F  (-5.5°C)  (The freezing point in the Great Salt Lake from what I've observed over the past few years is around -1.0°F (-18.33°C).  However the top wasn't frozen but slushy with all the really wet snow it wasn't dissolving very well with the water, but it was definitely not hardening.

We all linked hands and walked out, turned around, and then dropped down in the water up to our shoulders.  We then had Kris count us down from 30 seconds.  It was numbing to say the least.  It was fun to do as a group and interesting to see the reactions of everybody.  We got lots of pictures and I'll be working on producing a Christmas card out of the best picture.

This morning I was slow getting out of bed and only got in 1500 yards before Master:

Warm Up - 750 Yards
300 Swim
6 x 75, Kick, Swim, Drill

Main Set - 1500 Yards
2 x 100 free on 1:25
2 x 100 free on 1:20
2 x 100 free on 1:15
2 x 100 free on 1:10
50 easy

2 x 100 IM on 1:35
2 x 100 IM on 1:30
2 x 100 IM on 1:25
50 easy

"Do the Jill" (Breaststroke) - 500 yards
2  x through
1 x 100 Breast on 2:00
1 x 75 Breast on 1:30
1 x 50 Breast on 1:00
1 x 25 Breast on :30

Kick Set – 250 Yards
5 x 50 @ 2 seconds rest

Cool Down - 100 Yards
Total – 3,10 Yards

Then moved to the north end and did:
400 kick fins
300 Pull ankle strap

5,300 yards total.  Need to save a little in the tank for tomorrow where Josh, Sue and I will try out a postal event idea Josh has.  I think it'll be pretty cool and I'm excited to try it.

I got an email from Jack Bright yesterday complimenting me on the ice mile.  Sure is neat when your winter swimming idol recognizes you and gives you a pat on the back.  

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