Monday, December 9, 2013

Slave driver Kris

This morning was the start of my revamp of diet and exercise.  Yes I've been swimming a ton the past few months, but my lifting has taking a direct hit.  I went and saw my trainer last Friday, and he took my body fat percent measurements with his calipers and I found the following interesting stats leading up to my Ice swim.

From April 26 (which is when I started to abandon my strict 6 days a week of weight training, and really watching my calories) through August 1st I put on 5.84 pound in fat (based on the body fat measurements), but at the same time put on 6.66 pounds in muscle.  I didn't completely abandon my lifting, just cut back.  But apparently increasing my calories didn't exactly equate to pure fat gain either.

From the August 1st measurement until December 6th (knowing I would be doing this ice mile attempt), I intentionally increased my calories even more, and at the same time greatly reduced my lifting sessions in the hopes that it would really equate to more fat gain without accompanying muscle gain.  I went into this with the understanding that this would be a very short term approach and that I would gain that muscle right back after the ice swim.  Here's the fat/muscle stats from August 1st to present:

April 26th (Starting point) August 1st (Right before leaving for Catalina) December 6th (Day before Ice Mile attempt)
Fat Mass : 8.0 pounds Fat Mass: 13.9 pounds (Gain of 5.9 pounds) Fat Mass: 21.0 pounds (Gain of 7.14 pounds from August 1st, and 13 pounds since the starting point)
Lean Mass: 178.0 pounds Lean Mass: 184.6 (Gain of 6.7 pounds) Lean Mass: 182.0 (Loss of 2.64 pounds, but still a gain of 4 pounds since the starting point)

This morning I did some lifting at the gym.  Got there at 0400 and lifted my full session in 40 minutes.  Felt awesome to get back in there.  When I'm there that early it's just me and I can really blast my tunes.  Love it! Was in the pool at 0530 and did 1700 yards before Kirsten's workout:

1 x 400 Easy Swim

1 x 400 Free Kick

Main Set
12 x 50 Free Pull (counting strokes)
on the :50

8 x 50 reverse IM on the 1:00

10 x 50's free desc 1-10 (intervals by two on :55, :50, :45, :40, :35)

9 x 100's in sets of 3 - This modification to the original workout was Kris' idea.  She was a freakin' slave driver today, which is good.  Don't get me wrong I'm not complaining.  Love it when the workout is exactly that:  a workout and not just a swim.
First three IM on 1:30, get out and do 40 pushups, Second three pull on 1:15, get out and do 40 pushups, Third round pull on 1:15, get out and do 40 pushups.

100 warmdown

Then moved to the north end for a more thorough warmdown:
400 easy (100 kick, 100 back, 100 free, 100 breast)

Total: 5,400 yards total in 1:20

When I arrived at work, in the parking lot I walked along side one of the executives from work from the cars to the entrance.  Obviously he didn't know about my ice swim cause he says, "This definitely isn't swimming weather.  That would be ironman hardcore to the extreme!"  I just smiled and nodded my head.

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