Saturday, March 8, 2014

Swimming with Pole Vaulter

This morning I met Sarah Jones at Layton Surf N' Swim at 7:15am this morning.  It was a little crowded.  While waiting for the front doors to open, I wrote up this workout on a piece of paper:

600 free warmup
400 kick with fins
11,100 - 10 x (200 free fast on 2:30, 8 x 50's IM order on :50, 400 pull, 100 easy)
400 kick with fins
4000 - 5 x (2 x 200's 1-IM, 2- free, 2 x 100's fast on 1:22.5, 100 back recover, 2 x 50's sprint on :37.5)

16,500 yards total in 4:30

A couple things of note:  About halfway through the workout a couple ladies came in and at the far end of the pool put in a long pole and while one would hold the pole at the top, the other would sit on the bottom of the pool holding the pole and then flip up and launch herself towards the surface and up and over the lane line.  Pole vaulting practice apparently.  Pretty cool.  I should have taken a picture with my waterproof camera.

Then near the end I had a female swimmer join me in my lane.  I stopped at one of the intervals and she talked with me and I immediately recognized her.  It was Jayme Jorgensen, Jacob's High School coach.  We talked briefly about the meet in April and she said she's swimming the 1650 free and the 200 fly.  In fact she swam at least 200 fly today and I was tired just watching her.  So glad I'm a freestyler.

This made me thing about an article that I read recently in Swimmer magazine.  They always throw in a subject that is up to debate.  The latest is whether race directors should extend cutoffs for open water swims to allow those who want to swim the race in a special stroke the time to be able to do it.  The guy arguing for extended times invented a new dolphin stroke that involves only dolphin kicking and using fins.  I'm sorry.  I'm open minded about inventing new strokes, as long as it doesn't include equipment.  As soon as you introduce something to propel you through the water faster, that's cheating brother.  You might as well strap on a motor.  And as for extending times to accommodate <1 1="" a="" absurd.="" and="" can="" coach="" faster="" get="" if="" mph="" nbsp="" p="" race="" s="" serious.="" so="" swim="" t="" than="" that="" you="">
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