Thursday, March 13, 2014

Not to be negative, but what I like least about swimming

This morning I swam at NWRC and definitely was NOT feeling it.  I did end up doing the following before getting out though:

600 - 6 x 100's free on 1:30
1000 - 5 x 200's 1&2 kick no fins, 3 - IM, 4&5 kick no fins

1,600 yards total in 30 minutes

I looked over and saw my Mom walking in the river and decided to go talk with her for a bit.  Someone posted a topic on that I didn't really like:  "What do you dislike about swimming?"
My Mom and I at the
Guinness World Record
museum in Los Angeles.
Me being a total goof.
I had a hard time coming up with a really good answer, but today I realized what my answer is.  Swimming is something that to do efficiently, you need to put your face in the water, which also means that you can't carry on a conversation with someone next to you at the same time.

So this morning I took 20 minutes and had a conversation with her while we both did her morning routine of walking laps against the flow of the extremely warm pump generated river.  We talked non-stop the whole time on a wide variety of topics.  It was so fun!

I'm not a very talkative person.  But I really enjoy people who are.  I'm not in favor of cloning because I would literally hate myself.  I would be no fun to hang out with.  Get me with someone who is talkative and we both have a good time.  Cathi being the perfect example of that.

My very supportive parents.  They're coming with me to
MIMS.  It's gonna be so fun!
So today's workout wasn't a complete waste of time.  I was glad I didn't just skip it.  Reminded me of the time I took the time to swim heads up breast stroke with Jim out at GSL once.  Got to know so much more about him in 30 minutes than I did in over a year of swimming together.  So the answer to the question: I don't like that the actual act of swimming disallows carrying on a conversation with someone you are with. In that way it makes it a very isolating kind of sport.

However that negative aspect is blanketed with a strong bond that exists between swimming friends.  They may not be talking while swimming, but the friendship seems to continue to grow in and out of the water.

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