Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Beta waves

Tonight I swam again at NWRC, and this time the locker room wasn't quite in the shambles, which was good to see.  I swam the following workout, which I based on a workout from USMS' Scott Hoftiezer, who puts together the workouts for the High Volume workouts.  I've viewed several different coaches workouts and I like his the best.

Warm Up:
800 - 200 Easy, 200 Kick, 200 Pull, 200 Choice

Set 1:
600 - 8 x 75 with 20 sec. rest Drill, Kick, Swim by 25

Set 2:
20 x 100 with up to 20 sec. as needed
Rotate through 5 times:
100 IM on 2:00
100 Free at 75% effort (get under 1:18) on 1:30
100 Free at 85% effort (get under 1:13) on 1:30
100 Free at 95% effort (get under 1:05) on 1:30

Set 3:
1 x 1000 Free for time (Get under 14:00) - ended up with 13:40

Set 4:
3 x 300's 1 - Bilateral, 2 - left/right side by 25, 3 - Bilateral on 4:30

Set 5:  

8 x 200's 2 x (1 - kick with fins front, 2 - kick with fins back, 3 - large paddles, 4 - finger paddles) :10 ri

100 easy

I cramped up pretty bad on the 6th set of 200's half way through these so I only did 100 on the last set of kicking with fins. So I ended up with 7,000 yards. The entire time was spent thinking about the future of GSLOW and SLOW club in general. My brain couldn't just relax and enjoy the swim, it was constantly in thought about events and possible changes in how we are currently doing things. The SLOW leadership is meeting Thursday evening to discuss. There sure is a lot to plan and figure out.

It appears that the future of our currently held open water events may undergo a shift, focusing more on the youth which is great. Open Water swimming is commonly more recognized and practiced by adults. Very few teenagers get involved with it because the structure and organization of swim teams with USA swimming already exists and well established. Trying to think about how to introduce open water swimming to youth without being in competition with USA Swimming, but rather in a partnership.

Total: 7,000 yards in 2:00

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