Thursday, March 6, 2014


This morning SDRC was closed thanks to JOs, so I went to NWRC, and I finally succumbed and was driven to just buy an annual Gold Access pass which not only gets me into Northwest, but any SL County facility for the year which is great cause I'm really looking forward to that outdoor LCM pool up at Steiner. Can I say again how much I love Northwest Rec Center!  That place is a hidden gem.

300 easy
400 kick
800 - 2 x 400's on 6:00
1650 pull
500 free strong
200 free on 3:00
1000 - 2 x (5 x 100's) :5 ri
1-back, 2 kick, 3-IM, 4-Free, 5-Breast/Scull drill
300 - 4 x 75's drill/free drill by 25 :5 ri

5,300 yards in 1:45

Yesterday, bought the airline tickets to Newark NJ for this summer.  All the hotel accommodations are obtained as well. It's coming into focus now.
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