Saturday, March 1, 2014


Yesterday I asked Joelle to come up with today's workout or a portion of it.  She provided the first three sets and I immediately saw a pattern and in order to get the 15K yards goal for the day I added two more long sets following the same pattern.

We met up at Layton Surf N' Swim at 0700 and did Joelle's Progression Workout:

500 kicking, alternating 50s dolphin/flutter back and front

Main Set:
2100 - 3 X [3 X 100 on pace/push R: 10 sec + 400 free R: 45 sec]
3300 - 3 X [3 X 200 hold pace breathing on R and L each 25 R: 15 sec + 500 free R: 45 sec]
4500 - 3 x [3 x 300’s Pull R: 20 sec + 600 free R: 45 sec)
5700 - 3 x [3 x 400’s first - free, second IM, third Kick with fins R: 25 sec + 700 free R: 45 sec)

16,100 yards total (9.1 miles) in 4.5 hours

After the first set I got out real quick to use the restroom and when I got back Joelle was gone too and some old dude was in our lane.  Our equipment/feeds were still laid out at the end of the lane with the workout posted on the wall. 
I jumped in and waited for Joelle to return.  I said hello to the guy and he kept swimming even though the lane next to us was also empty.  When Joelle got back I asked nicely if he would mind moving over to the next lane so Joelle and I could resume.  It was empty, so I figured it wouldn't be a big deal to ask him to move.  I explained that we had taken a quick bathroom break and didn't want to move our stuff.  
He rolled his eyes and tightened his lips like I just asked him for a really big favor.  But he didn't fight and moved over.   Whew!  I've been reading lately on the marathon swimmers forum the worldwide drama that so many lap swimmers have to deal with.  I was hoping that this wasn't going to turn into another one of those.  Then again if he put up a fight I would have just moved all our equipment, and nutrition stuff to the next lane.  No problem.  Just glad that the pool wasn't terribly busy or it could have got nasty.

When we to through the last set the lifeguards were just taking the lane lines out for public swim so we rushed through it and it was perfect timing!  We finished just as lap time was over.

Joelle told me this was her longest pool swim to date.  Nice!  A new PR!  She did great!  I was on top of my nutrition throughout the workout and used good form and mental conditioning, so I didn't have any struggles on this workout.  Shoulder held up just fine!  I really lubed up my right shoulder with channel grease and the chops served their purpose.  No chaffing to deal with.

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