Saturday, June 1, 2013

What an eventful morning!

This morning I got to the pool knowing it would be cut short with the facility holding it's Splash and Dash event.  I ended up doing:

2000 - 10 x 200's free, kick, IM, pull large paddles, free, agility paddles, kick, IM, free, back

Just before getting out, I asked James if he wanted video of his stroke and then he took some of my stroke.  Oh my I had no idea that my catch was so non existent!  I'm going to have to work on that.

Then met Annie at the marina and we did a Double Horned Straight.

I went down the ramp to put up the flag.  Annie waited at the top of the ramp cause we were going to get in on the other side down at the end of the walkway to Silversands beach.  She pointed out a snake that kinda scared her.  It was a three and a half foot garter snake.  Pretty good sized little guy.  I like snakes, mostly cause I really enjoyed Steve Irwin.  That guy was my hero.  Here's a funny little clip of Irwin:

Probably one meter long water snake at the marina.
We waded out about a hundred yards to mid thigh level and took off to the red buoy.  The water was barely rippling and the sky was completely clear and blue.  Perfect day!

I took three readings with my watch throughout the swim: 67, 70 and 68.  I was annoyed with my shivering.  I didn't feel cold, but when we took a drink break at black rock I noticed that I was shivering slightly!  How embarrassing!

When we got back my GPS read 4.09 miles and my watch stopped at 2:01 including drink breaks and stopping once to get that one stupid drop of salt water out of my goggles.

I noticed a kayaker at the boat ramp.  I went down to retrieve the posted swimmer flag and asked her if she would be willing to come out and help kayak next week.  She said that she couldn't and that she was starting hew own adventure across the lake.  The lightbulb went off for me cause I had a conversation via email earlier this week with a Rebecca Richins.  She is a hardcord kayaker that is attempting a double length crossing of the Great Salt Lake.  What a coincidence that she would be here this morning.  We talked for a good bit and her friend was there taking video.  She is producing a documentary of Rebecca's adventure.  During our conversation she was intrigued and asked me some questions.

I'm especially interested in Rebecca's journey.  I told her a bit about Fremont Island and about the story of John Baptiste.  She hadn't heard of "Redemption" so I stopped by at Seagull book on the way home and picked one up for her.  I know she'd really like it. I'm eager to talk with her again.  

Total for the day: 2000 sc yards and 4.09 miles open water
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