Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Pineview swim

This morning I drove out to Pineview.  Last week's TV interview with a Weber county deputy who reported on a drowning there, he said the water temp was around 55 degrees.  That kinda freaked me out.  I put off swimming there until today and that was a mistake!

The air temp when I arrived showed as 47 degrees.  I saw a couple of wetsuited swimmers at the far end of the buoy route on the southern end.  I got ready and put on my silicon cap thinking I would need the warmth.  When I got in, it was perfect!  It wasn't really even cold.

After a buoy route (which is nearly 1 mile exactly), I took a temp and it read 69 degrees.  I could've swam at that temp all day.  It was lovely.  I did one more lap.  I can definitely tell the difference in my body position in fresh water vs. GSL.  It's pretty dramatic.  I feel heavier and more sluggish in freshwater.  It takes quite a bit more effort.

Total: 1.99 miles in 1:01

Also I found out that these cowardly punks finally got sentenced in the hit and run boating accident at Pineview from a couple years back.
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