Wednesday, June 12, 2013


300 miles in the Great Salt Lake.  That's 40% of ALL may open water mileage.
This morning I met Goody at the GSL Marina for a swim. The water was glasslike and the water felt great.  I estimate that it was right around 70 degrees.

Swam a double horned loop with more emphasis on going north and went around the G11 buoy about 1/2 mile north of the marina, then headed to black rock.  

The water was very clear and I was extremely entertained and mesmerized by the tufa rock on the lake bottom.  It is so cool to see.  Of the entire population in the world only a handful of people really get to enjoy this.  Not even the sail boat enthusiasts that come out here.  You have to put your head in the water and swim.  It's really awesome.  But you have to come out on a smooth day or you can't see it.

Today was a huge personal milestone.  I finally hit the 300th mile in the Great Salt Lake.  That consists of 123 individual swims ranging from a couple hundred yards to 21 miles.  40% of all my open water mileage has been done in the Great Salt Lake.  All my stats I've tracked on where, when and how far, is found here.

My friend Becky Richins reached the north end of the GSL last night in her kayak.  She is making history.  I was thinking about how my tongue reacts to the lake water with only 4 miles of swimming, and I suggested this idea to Cathi.  When I do my own gsladventure, I might be able to avoid getting any water in my mouth if I use a high quality snorkel.  But she countered that it was against EC rules, and that most marathon swimmers would discount the feat.  What a smart woman I have?  I never would have pinned her as being an open water purist.  She said, "You just need to figure out a way to make it work without compromising the standards.  Try vaseline in your mouth, or rinsing with something, or even just acclimatizing your mouth, but no aids, that would invalidate your accomplishments"  Holy crap, what a slave driver coach I've got!

Total: 4.6 miles in 2:15

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