Thursday, June 20, 2013

No coach

Today I swam at SLC Sports Complex as normal, but Wes was absent.  So our lane was just led by Alex who is super fast.  I didn't even get word on what we were doing since he was first in the lane and I was last and he would start about 2 seconds after I arrived.  But I kept track of what we were doing:

I got there at 6am and did my own thing for the first hour:

3000 M - 1000 free, 500 kick, 1000 pull, 500 stroke
700 warmup with the group
800 - 400 free strong, 400 free pull
600 - 300 free pull, 300 free no equipment
400 - 200 strong, 200 strong
200 - 100 spring, 100 easy
600 - 4 x 150's free
300 kick with fins
100 easy

Then did my own thing for frosting:

300 stroke
500 pull
300 finger paddles
200 free

By this time I had completely used up my energy stores and hit my goal of 8000 M.  If I were to do more than this I would need to include feeds in my workout.  Instead all I had was a 20 oz gatorade.

8,000 M in 2:30

On my way to work I stopped at the drug store and got some baby shampoo and a spray bottle.  I made a solution I sprayed it in my old crappy foggy goggles.  Hoping that tomorrows swim is clearer.
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