Monday, June 10, 2013

Kindred Spirit

"I'd rather be crazy, than stupid" - she
must be told she's crazy alot.  I get
that too.
This morning I got to the GSL marina at 6:40am and was did a full Double Horned loop from the marina to Blackrock.

I saw Becky's truck parked at the marina and thought of her trek all morning during my swim.  She is making fantastic progress and should be able to get to Spring Bay by tomorrow I'm guessing.  Here's her GPS tracking site:

 The water this morning was glassy and the temp was good.  No more swimming there for me in the afternoon.  I didn't take a temp, but it felt like it was right around 72.  Also last night I stayed up to watch Adam's report on Talkin' Sports.  It turned out well:

The magesty of swimming in the GSL really happens during
sunrise and sunset.  Middle of the day swims are kinda
'Blah", but when the sun comes up, or goes down
and the water temp isn't too warm,  It's heaven!
Part 1:
Part 2:

And again this morning I woke to an email from Simon Griffiths, Managing Editor for H2Open who wanted to write up an article on swimming in the Great Salt Lake and on open water swimming in Utah.  So stoked with this flood of media attention lately.  It's pretty gratifying.

I was planning to swim in Pineview this morning.  Last night I looked for a current water temp reading cause I don't want to mess with temps less than 60 and wanted a 4 mile swim this morning.  I was going to go and hope for the best, but then I found out that someone drowned in Pineview yesterday, and during the interview with search and rescue, they gave the water temp at 56°.  Yeah, I think I'll hold off swimming there for decent training for another week or two, especially for morning swims.

By the way, when you swim open water, please know your limitations.  This guy was swimming with friends which was great, but he went too far, and wasn't able to get back and went under.  Again, a Safe Swimmer buoy or a Swimmer Buddy sure gives you so much protection.

I was pondering during my swim how well my shoulders have held up since my surgery.  They are stronger than ever and don't give me any trouble.  So grateful for that.  Good times.  Planning to go back out there Wednesday morning.

Today's swim according to my GPS was 4.3 miles in 2:03.
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