Wednesday, June 19, 2013


My preferred defogging resource.
It's about to be challenged with
a new self made solution.
I provided a small bottle of spit for the swimmers at the recent Great Salt Lake Open Water Marathon at an aid station, and that was my last bottle so this morning I didn't have some when I needed it.  I usually use a spray called "Spit".  And it is usually much better than real spit.  Cause real spit only lasts as a defogger for a minute or two.  The spray would work best if I spray it on after each swim session, but it's been several sessions since I last used it and my goggles are fogging up pretty bad, which can be pretty disconcerting when your swimming at dawn and there isn't much light to begin with.  Plus I don't usually swim with clear goggles, but rather the dark ones.

I found this webpage which claims to show me how to make my own spray that works much better and is cheaper.  I'm all about that!  I'm going to give it a try and I'll post a review.

This morning I did a Dam-Buoy route at Pineview and the goggle fogging was a real pain in the butt.  My triceps felt pretty stiff.  Last night I did a kick butt tricep/shoulder weight training workout, and man today's swim was just what the doctor ordered in getting them stretched out.  This morning it was just me, and NO boats, no other swimmers.  Felt very lonely.

Total: 2.52 miles in 1:21
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