Monday, June 24, 2013


 This morning was another breathtaking moment in Pineview.  The full moon was just setting on the southwest, and the sun was just rising in the northeast.  Just beautiful.

I was in the water at 6am sharp and did one full dam buoy route and then tacked on an additional buoy route.  The water temp on my watch read 67 and 68 degrees.

There were a three times when I nearly jumped out of the water and got a huge adrenaline rush.  The first time was when I was swimming along and my hand passed within just an inch or two of a fish.  It was only a small thing, probably 6 - 8 inches, but it wasn't something I was expecting and made my heart skip a beat or two.

The next couple times was when my hand passed through a couple of small bushes or tumbleweeds that were floating on the surface, again not something I was expecting and bam!  My heart pumped at doubletime for just a few seconds.

Other than that it was very non eventful.  I swam strong and didn't have any issues with soreness or tiredness.  The water was like glass and I was able to pull strong and on the last half mile was able to pour it on for a bit.

Last night Jacob made me take my first ice batch.  He sure is taking on the coaching role.  He sure will be disappointed if he doesn't end up making it on the boat in the Catalina crossing.  I think I'll do a role call on who has already bought airline tickets.  I have one crew member too many I think.   He put in only two ice buckets instead of the normal 6 or so.  The water temp got down to 65, and then stayed there.  I was in for about 15 minutes.  It was cake to be honest.

Total miles: 3.52 miles in 1:47

Tomorrow I'll do a longer pool set.
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