Friday, June 28, 2013

Preparing for serious butt kicking, literally.

Tomorrow morning I will embark on a bike ride that is a serious butt kicker, at least for me.  It's only a 26 mile ride, but the first half is brutal.  I havn't been on my bike in well over a year, so this will probably cripple me for Sunday.  I took my uncle Rob on this ride a few years ago and he had a heavy old mountain bike and I ended up leaving him.  But the past year he's been training on the bike and also bought a road bike, so he texted me about going up this year.

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He may just school me this time.  I'm hoping to instead of going all the way to the top, stopping at Lake Cleveland which is about a mile from the top.  Instead of biking all the way to the lookout, there is Lake Cleveland which is about a mile from the top.  It's a small lake that is close to the peak.  I'm planning n a mile swim there (water temp should be in the low 50's.  There's still snow up there).  Then ride back to Albion, which going back is super easy, but dangerous with the downhill grades.  Gotta be careful to take those corners slower, or you could end up as minced meat.

This morning I swam at NWRC,  Got in the pool on time for a change.  Did the following:

300 swim
200 paddles
100 kick
1000 - 2 x (25,50,75,100,100,75,50,25,25,50,75,100,100,75,50,25) all Free :15 ri
300 - 4 x 75's kick with fins
1500 - 5 x (200 pull, 100 buoy and ankle strap only, 50 back no legs)
600 - 4 x (75,50,25) first two kick with fins, second two weighted 25s

4,000 yards total in 1:20

Have to leave early from work so today's workout was cut short.  This weeks swim total is not up to par, but the cross training is going well.  Expect to pick it up next week including a decent swim on the 4th.
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