Thursday, June 6, 2013

8 lakes - Josh's invitation to join quest

This afternoon Josh invited a group of us to join him on a quest to swim in 8 lakes along the Wasatch back. One mile in each lake then move on to the next.  8 miles swimming straight would take like 4-5 hours.  But getting out and driving to the next one?  This is gonna take all day!  I freaking love it!  I'd love it even more if we could get enough people to split it into two vans and turn it into a Ragnar type competition.

Tonight I met Josh and a small group of swimmers at the GSL Marina for a free clinic.  We swam out to the red eastern buoy and back.  One mile.  The water was like a hot tub.  The brine flies are hatching.  Good think the race is this weekend, cause after that, I'm out until fall.  Pineview here I come!  That's when it really starts to sink in that Catalina is right around the corner.

Photo by Mark Spratt

Saw the garter snake again along the path going down into the water.  The KUTV guy who came almost died.  He didn't see it until he was almost right on top of it, and at the same time someone said, "Rattlesnake".   He freaked.  It was awesome.  I'm going to name this snake "Pepper".  Seems like he may be a regular.  Seen him twice in less than a week.  

I can't wait for this week to be over.  Organizing a race is stressful!  And realizing that odds are that someone is probably gonna walk away pissed over something doesn't sit well with me, so I do my best to make EVERYONE happy.  That's the goal, but its a never ending battle.

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