Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Joelle's first Pineview swim

Joelle, myself and Goody out for a swim
This morning I met with Joelle Beard and Goody at windsurfer beach at Pineview Reservoir.  The weather was perfect and the water was flat as glass.  We got in and did two laps of to the dam buoys to no wake buoys and back.  I gotta come up with a name for that route.  It's 2.40 miles if you don't backtrack at all.  I'm going to start referring to this as the "Goody Lap" since Pineview was once his beloved home.

Goody came along and he did one lap.  He's doing awesome considering just a few months ago he was just getting out of the hospital.  I took a few pics this morning.  I also found a floating Styrofoam takeaway container which I stowed on my SwimmerBuddy for proper disposal.

Shoulders felt great and swam strong the whole time.  Love swimming out there in the mornings!  Next time is on Monday.

Total: 4.97 miles in 2:20 including time for "waiting up"

Dam buoy line

Love the sunrise shots!

Panorama from southern tip

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