Monday, June 17, 2013

Daily Dose of Sodium

This weekend I REALLY felt like a slacker.  Last week I did less than half of my required workouts.  I slept in for two days that I didn't plan for and Saturday spent time with my kids and preparing nice things for Becky's arrival at the GSL Marina.  So this week it's time to step it up!!!!

By the way, Becky arrived Saturday afternoon in good time, and Fox13 news showed up to give her an interview.  Here's the clip that was on TV last night:

This morning I got the marina at 0600 and did a extra wide Double Horned Loop.  The temp was good, probably around 70.  I had a lingering canker sore in my mouth from last Wednesday, so I wasn't terribly disappointed about missing a GSL swim last Saturday, but I need to get in on Wednesday, and that will probably be my last GSL swim until after Catalina.  From here on out, I'm doing Pineview.

Jacob last night was nagging me about taking ice baths.  He has a bunch of buckets in the freezer and is eager to see me squeal like a girl. Since when did he take on the role of being my coach?  He's sure a pushy thing.  I told him I'd start on Monday.  Looks like tonight, I'm in for it.

Total: 4.92 miles in 2:21

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