Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Rough one

This morning the clock went much faster than normal and I was five minutes late getting in the water.  Not a big deal, but only got 600 yards in before SALT practice:

600 free warmup
400 - 4 x 100's touch and pull w/finger paddles
3 x (4 x 100's free (r1: on 1:30, r2: on 1:25, r3: on 1:20), 200 back, 6 x 50's (r1: kick, r2: desc 1-3, r3: 2 fast, 1 ez (twice))
I was holding 1:15 on these and felt great!  On the last set, I did pull them, and held 1:10
400 - 4 x 100's hypoxic breathing
600 pull
300 warmdown

Then did my own thing:
400 kick with fins
2000 pull big paddles
1000 pull finger paddles
500 free strong no paddles
500 PT paddles
100 easy

10,100 yards total in 3:00

Shoulder was a bit more touchy than normal, but nothing major.  Got through it without too much discomfort.  Nothing that a little Vitamin-I can't take care of.

Tomorrow I am in charge of bringing the workout.  Will probably just go dig up a nice one that JGal gave me a couple years back.

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