Friday, February 3, 2012

Eerie, cold Groundhog day

This afternoon at 4:45 I met Goody out at the GSL Marina.  We were hoping to have Michelle and her friends meet us out there, but we waiting until 5 and then figure it was just us.   So we took the temp and it came to 35.9°F (2.2°C).  The wind was going pretty strong from the northwest and there were some pretty decent waves and water movement coming from the marina opening.

I resolved to do my normal lap of going to the marina opening and back.  I got in and started making my way there.  My goggles worked out great and didn't fog at all.  I've been using an anti-fog on them before putting them away each time.  As I swam closer to the turn around point, the waves were getting stronger, I breathed to the right side and in three different times ended up not only getting water in my mouth but ended up swallowing it.  (Now before JQ pipes up with some smart ass comment, I'm going to see my Dr next Wednesday for my EC medical papers, and at the same time am going to demand I get a mercury level blood test to see how bad it really is).

I made it to the turn around point no problem and made my way back.  Why is it that the last 100 yards, time slows down and it seems to take forever!  I stopped my watch when I got out and it was 5 minutes exactly.  Awesome.  Got dressed and went back to my warm car.  Another week of overcoming my lazy weak self.

350 yards in 5 minutes in 2.2c

I won't be able to join the group on Saturday since my son Isaac is getting baptized.  Too bad we can't do it in the GSL and he can have quite the baptism story for his grandkids.  Instead it'll be in a nice clean font with water that is probably 95 degrees.

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