Saturday, February 18, 2012

QUAC meet

A very well organized swim club in Utah named QUAC put together a meet.  I only signed up for the 100 and 50 free and then agreed to do a few relays with friends.  I met Ben, who is putting on the Bear Lake race this year.

Got in a lane and did 1000 yards free easy for a warm up.  Then we started the meet by having Josh, Goody, Chad and myself in a 200 free relay.  We got a 1:46 and actually won!  It was awesome.

Our Relay team, Josh, myself, Goody and Chad Starks
I then had to wait for a few events, but it went really quickly, cause I was talking with Ben in the stands when I looked down and Goody was up on the blocks looking up at me with his hands up like he was saying "What the heck Gords!"  I missed my 50 free.  Dang it!  There was another break and I got in and did 300 free easy.

I helped Goody by being his counter on the 500 free.  He said his goal was under 7:30 and he ended up with a 6:52.  He was happy with that and it was cool to see him destroy his goal.

We did a 200 medley relay and ended up with a 2:12 I think it was.  Not too bad.
I made sure to pay attention and when my 100 free came up I was on the blocks ready to go.  I ended up getting 58.22.  I wanted to get anything in the 58 second range or less so I was good with that time.  Two years ago I was more geared for sprinting and was 3 seconds faster in the 100, but today, I'm slower, fatter, greyer, and sporting a beard.  Oh well.

Had lots of fun and its good to see everyone at the pool trying hard to swim their best and improve themselves. I walked into the locker room to change before heading home.  There were tons of naked dudes in there all changing.  I was like... Uhh, I think I'll shower at home.  Collected my stuff and drove home.

On Monday I'm planning a good long swim.  Should take about 10 hours or so.\\

1,650 yards total - Raced 3 x 50's in a relay, and 100 free, then 1500 yards of easy swimming.

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