Wednesday, February 1, 2012

February Fitness Challenge

Yesterday I hit snooze too many times and was seriously late to swim, so I decided to just go to work early and get in some serious hours so that I front load the week with hours.  Because of that I was eager to get up this morning and did not hit snooze.  Cathi did her traditional back scratch for me for about 30 seconds.  Awesome way to wake up!

This morning I was in the water at 5:15am and did:

Kyle Treadway came up with this doozy
1150 yards free then joined masters:

600 free easy
1250 - 3 x 250 (100 free pull, 50 back pull, 100 free pull), 3 x 100 IM, 4 x 50's kick
repeated three times

600 - 4 x 100's hypoxic breathing/50 back
100 easy
I was in Will's lane, and for most of the entire workout I either only got 3 seconds rest or had to flip turn right into the next rep.  I'm definitely one of the slowest guys there.
Then did my own thing after everyone left:
2000 - 2 x 1000's free cruising pace
2000 - 500 PT paddles, 500 no equip, 500 finger paddles,  500 huge paddles
800 - 8 x 100's kick with fins

11,000 yards total in 3:10

I just signed up for the "February Fitness" challenge today.  My goal is to swim a quarter million yards.  That's gonna mean an average of 62,500 yards per week.  That's some SERIOUS yardage.  But not unreasonable for me.

I also tried the Unflavored Sustained Energy today.  I mixed it with about 20 ounces of water, 6 ounces of concentrated pear juice and about 8 ounces of pure orange juice.  It actually was good!  It wasn't extremely powerful, but had enough taste to make my taste buds happy.  I can't say it really helped me during my workout today, I don't think I've ever had a "popeye reaction" to anything I've had.

But in the past I've definitely had a negative reaction to not taking anything at all.  And I didn't bomb out today.   This stuff wasn't bad, but for me it's about taste anyway and the added juices were the key here.  I'm looking forward to my shipment of Orange flavored Perpetuem to arrive.  

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