Thursday, February 9, 2012

Getting shown up by Jim Hubbard!

Got Salt?  
Jim Hubbard swam
10 minutes in icy wota
Jim's a stud and one of the friendliest guys I know, and he had double my mental strength tonight!  I'm not ashamed though, I'm used to getting my butt kicked by older dudes.  The SALT Club members are all in their 50's and they're making me swallow their wake.  I wanna be like alot of these guys when I grow up.

At 4:36pm, I picked up Cathi from the downtown Frontrunner station, and we sped out to the GSL Marina, where I met Josh, Goody and Jim for our weekly swim.  The water warmed up to 41°F and I did my typical lap.  I wasn't really prepared mentally for more than that today.  I enjoyed getting out and not having my hands and feet feel like they were going to break off.

Josh followed me out to the marina opening, and Goody made it to the other side of the Marina as well.  Jim did two laps and was in the water for over 10 minutes!  Wow!  I was very impressed.  When we all got out were were all looked like, well.... Hellboy.  Red as lobsters.

Fun times.  Next time I'll be prepared for a double.

Total Distance: 350 yards in 5:15
Harrison just to the left of Josh, also joined the club as he put his foot in the
water a couple times tonight.  Can't wait to see him in the coming years
be as daring as his Dad.

Here's a video:

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