Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Double it

This morning I got in a little faster than normal.  I was able to do 1200 yards before masters began:

600 warmup
300 - 4 x 25's kick on :35, 100 kick, 4 x 25's kick on :30 all with fins
1800 - 4 x {200 IM on 3:20, 250 free pull on 3:20}
300 - same kick set from above no fins
I went first in the lane on this one and man I was kicking!  I've not kicked with as much effort since high school.

1800 - 8 x {100 IM on 1:40, 125 free pull on 1:40}
200 easy

I did the same workout as above after everyone left and then threw on an addition 100 yards cool down.

11,300 yards total in 3:27

I'm looking forward to next Monday at SDRC.  Planning a 35,200 yard workout which should definitely get me a good buffer for my 250K goal for Feb.

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