Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Justin Johnson's swim vid

Met up this morning with my former co-worker and friend Justin Johnson.  He's a triathlete and wanted some tips and video analysis of his swim.  So I was there at 5:15 at the pool where I took some video.  Here's the video with analysis captioned into it:

I pointed him to a few videos for helping correct some of the small flaws:

Initiating pull with the elbow, and avoiding crossing over:
Pulling through:

I definitely don't want to come across as a know it all, or that I have the perfect stroke.  I definitely DO NOT.  In fact Dennis gave me a tip this morning that helped me focus the rest of the workout.

What other suggestions would you make if you were the coach?

Afterwards I started my swim with Salt, where Kyle came up with the workout:

200 warmup
1000 - 8 x 125's (50 back, 75 dps swim) on 2:15
Main set, all pulling various paddles sizes
900 - 400 free :15 ri, 500 - 4 x 125's free descending on 2:00
775 - 400 free :15 ri, 375 - 3 x 125's free descending on 2:00
650 - 400 free :15 ri, 250 - 2 x 125's free descending on 2:00
525 - 400 free :15 ri, 125 - 1 x 125 free strong
700 yards warmdown

4750 yards total in 1:40

Dennis told me I'm not pulling with my elbow.  This morning I didn't get a good warmup and my upper lats were sore, as well as my triceps.  Because of this I was failing to really focus on the very start of my pull and getting lazy.  Something to work on for sure.  Here's a little video of what I should be doing:

As you could see, today's workout was shortened for a couple reasons.
  1. My arms are toast!  
  2. I hit my major goal for the month of February swimming a quarter million yards (actually swam 253,450 yards for the month)
So I rewarded myself with getting out early.  In fact, I'll take it nice and easy the rest of this week by swimming less than 5000 yards per day.  Then I'll pick it back up on Monday.  I killed it this month and feel like a little R and R is in order.

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