Friday, November 4, 2011

Who needs a wetsuit when you've got a serious layer of body fat?

OK I admit I've put on a few over the past few months, but
what better way to put that fat to use than to have it
act as good old insulation right?
This morning when I woke up my hand brushed past my stomach and I grabbed a good old chunk of blubber.  I started to feel guilty and thought "Man!  I really need to go on a diet!"  But this evening.  Oh how I am grateful for that extra protection!

This evening I met with Goody and Josh for a cold water swim in Bountiful Lake.  I got there and played with the ducks and rats and took a water temp.  It dropped down on the digital thermometer to 48.5°F.  Yes!  Goody and Josh arrived and we walked out to the East Dock.  I wasn't messing around.  I took off the layers down to my speedo and after this quick pic, dove in and swam back to the boat ramp.  A little over 200 yards.  Right on!
Cathi standing mid calf level in the water.  She definitely
struggled, but made it one minute.

I felt great!  I had to switch from free to breast stroke a couple times because I swam without a cap and was really feeling it on the back of my head.  I also had to slow down my breathing.  But after a few strokes of breast I went right back to freestyle and felt great!
I told Cathi she really should put her feet in to appreciate the cold and she did it for one minute at the boat ramp.  I'm hoping to get her up to her knees next time.

So we'll go again next week.  Preferably on Thursday evening.  Water should drop down even more.  We're getting a storm this weekend so the water may be in mid 40's next week!


Rob D said...

The cool fat kids call it Bioprene, sounds a lot better that way :)

Gords said...

Love it! That's the term from now on.

Josh said...

Ha ha! I first saw "bioprene" in the back of Kate Rew's book Wild Swim. I like it!

This is some fun stuff! I can't wait to see what the water temp is next week!

blonderunner said...

wow - cold is right. brrrr - I would be frozen for a week - you are a trooper to take on that kind of cold. I don't mind running in the cold. That's what I love about triathlons - there are other options. :)