Thursday, November 17, 2011

Martine Larios

Cathi runs with Bountiful runner, Martine Larios in the
2009 Utah Valley Marathon
There's this guy that Cathi met a couple years ago at a marathon.  He's a South American guy who is extra friendly and is fit as a fiddle.  He's done lots of marathons and is training for St George Ironman.  Every once in a while I see him a the pool and say hello.  He's a nice guy.  He was there this morning.

Kevin Mortensen also showed up and swam for a bit.  He told me he is going in for major shoulder surgery on Monday.  Looks like he'll be 5-6 months in therapy.  Woah!  Poor guy.  I'd be extremely depressed.  But at least he's getting to the bottom of the problem and hopefully it's as good as new afterwards.

 My shoulders were holding up just fine despite me already putting over 30K this week already on them.  The water was 82.4° this morning.  There is a major swim meet this weekend so hopefully it continues to drop and I'll be able to take advantage of the lower temp tomorrow and Saturday.  Here's what I did today:

12,000 - 6 x 2000s free odd no equip, even pull
500 - 500 kick

12,500 yards total

Looking forward to tonight's Polar Bear swim at GSL.
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