Wednesday, November 23, 2011

New secret weapon (well no longer a secret anymore)

I've been a good boy icing my shoulders off and on all day long, which is great.  My shoulders don't give me any trouble, but lately it's really been the muscles that surround my shoulder blades.  They're getting a little knotted up.  I don't feel like going to see a massage therapist, so I broke out The Magic Wand!  This thing is awesome.  I had Jonas push it into the grooves around my shoulder blades and really work those knots out.  That was the best thing I could have done, because this morning's swim had no knots or tightness whatsoever!  The result is actually better than when I have gone to a massage therapist for the exact same thing.  All I've got from a massage is a slight improvement, but $50 poorer.  This thing pays for itself in two sessions.

I did an exact repeat of monday, including the time it took:

12,000 - 6 x 2000's free, odd no equip, even pull
1000 kick with fins
1100 free strong
100 backstroke

14,200 yards (8 miles) total in 3:30  Felt great!!!

Looking forward to a mid week day off tomorrow to enjoy thanksgiving, but come Friday, Cathi has given me special permission to put in a crazy day.  I plan to swim 20 miles on Friday.

I finally caught up with Will in GTD, and have my sights on Larry Hartley and Tim Martin.
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