Thursday, November 17, 2011

GSL Marina swim

Met Josh and Goody at Saltair tonight at 4:45pm and we drove out to the marina for a cold water swim.  Water temp was 46.7° on my thermometer.  I swam out to the end of the marina near the opening and back: about 350 yards total.  First 25 yards were cold, but I calmed down and it didn't hardly feel that cold at all.  Could have done two laps.  Next time.

Met with Shirley who is doing a documentary on the great salt lake.  She was capturing some video of the clouds when we got to the boat ramp.  She came down as Josh was getting in.  She wanted to film us, but didn't want to interrupt her current time lapse video she was taking. So to accommodate her we'll be meeting out there at the marina next Wednesday at 4:15pm and do it again.   Maybe we'll get to be on the documentary a little.  That would be fun.

Total distance: 350 yards in around 5 minutes

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Unknown said...

That's what I told my wife when I got home, "I might be in a movie"!!!