Wednesday, November 16, 2011

I have a solution to my warm water woes!

This morning I swam at SLC Sports Complex because I was going to meet up with Dennis Tesch to give him back his USMS Rulebook that he left at the meet.  When I got in the water didn't feel like a hot tub and I enjoyed swimming without feeling warm.  Swam the following:

1400 yards free then joined Masters:

600 warmup
600 - 12 x 50's skull/swim by 25
1000 - 2 x ( 4 x 25's kick with stick on :45, 1 x 100 free strong, 4 x 50's kick choice on 1:00, 100 free)
2400 - 6 x 400's (25 stroke, 75 free x 4)

2000 free relaxed
2000 pull strong
2000 free no equip strong
500 - 200 IM, 100 IM, 100 free fast, 100 easy

12,500 yards total in 3:30

When I got out I noticed a thermostat already dangling on a string by the ladder.  I looked at it also confirmed it with my watch:  80°F!  That is what I'm talking about!  I stopped at the front desk on the way out to get some pricing.  $315 for a yearly membership that includes masters!  That KILLS SDRC pricing.  Plus they have a 50M pool in the summer?  I talked to the head guard on the way out and asked about the temp whether it was a fluke that it was so low and she said, 'We really cater to our masters swimmers.'  My jaw hit the floor.

Just as I was about to leave an old lady came over and looked at the thermometer and said to the guard, seems low.  I jumped in and said, "It's perfect".  She said "Not for old ladies recovering from hip surgery."  I said with a smile, "Makes you move a little faster to stay warm, and if it doesn't work, there's a hot tub right over there."  She smiled back but I don't think she was amused.

The guard then asked, "Is your name Gordon?"  I said yes and she introduced herself and said, "You used to coach me at Northwest when I was a kid."  I only coached there like 3 months.  I didn't recognize her at all.  That was quite a while ago.  Anyway,  I was VERY happy with the 80° water and will go there off and on until my SDRC Membership expires.  If they really keep the water that cool, I'm moving on.  It's only 15 minutes from my work and has so many more good qualities than SDRC.  I'm excited to have an option!

Only thing is weekend swimming means I have to come all the way in to SLC rather than to Bountiful, but with how much time I'm in the water, it'll be worth it!
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