Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Happiness is.....

Happiness is swimming over 4 miles before I would have hit the snooze button at 7 in an alternate universe.  

This morning I actually hit snooze once, but still was in the water promptly at 0500.  Seems like these 2000 sets are something I enjoy, cause its just swim, swim, swim.  Not really focused on speed.

14000 - 7 x 2000's free odd no equip, even pull
100 back
100 grandpa breaststroke

14,200 yards total in 3:38

The last 2000 I really poured it on the last 200 and ended in a full blown sprint.  Felt great!!! 

Goody called me yesterday and he's really got his mind wrapped around becoming a member of the International Ice Swimming Association.  To join, you have to swim 1 mile in 41°F water.   Goody told me that the founder of the association said there are only 2 people who have accomplished the requirements in the United States.  What the?!  

 I also got an email from Jack Bright yesterday and he advised that once the water gets that cold you really should go at least twice (three times max) per week. Staying in the water 10-20 minutes, With a 22 minute absolute max.  Problem is,  I would have to do a full blown sprint to get a mile in under 22 minutes.  My fastest mile in a pool is 22:33.  Now throw in water where after five minutes you can't feel your hands.  I hate to be a realist, but I don't think swimming 1 mile in under 22 minutes in 41° water is possible for me this year.

When you're in the water that long, it's not just a matter of being tough.  You're literally playing with your life.  If your body core dips low enough to the point of no return, you're either gonna pass out and have to be hospitalized, or your dead.  Sure I'll train for it, because the water right now is only around 46° and I haven't come even close to more than 10 minutes in water that cold.  So this week my goal is to do two laps in the GSL for a total of half a mile and see if I can do it under 12 minutes.  I'll have to extend the length of the swim to going just out of the marina, and then back in.  That should give me close to quarter mile laps.  

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